tiKoTV is a social web tv

  • http://www.tikotv.it
  • Program started on 2018-06-01
  • Bugs Resolved: 0
  • Minimun Bounty: $ 0



No one is perfect, and at tiKoTV we think that working with a highly skilled security researchers will help you identify vulnerabilities across applications. If you believe you've found a vulnerability issue in tiKoTV, notify us through https://upsecurit.com/en/tikotv.
Submit your security issue to https://upsecurit.com/en/tikotv. Please fill as much details as you can and the steps to reproduce the issue. Video, Screenshot and script files are accepted to verify a vulnerability.

Disclosure Policy

  • Let us know of a potential security issue and we will work hard to solve it.
  • Follow UpSecurIT's disclosure guidelines.
  • Please provide a detailed report with reproducible steps. Submissions with missing reports will not be eligible.
  • If there are two duplicatereports, we will only recognize the first provided.
  • When testing, please only attack the account that you control.
  • Don't disclose the report outside the UpSecurIT platform prior to us making it public.
  • Public disclosure is prohibited without the express prior written consent of the service provider.
  • Immediately notify tiKoTV if any user data other than your own is unintentionally accessed.


  • Automated Vulnerability Scans are strictly prohibited.
  • Do not attack our end users, or engage in the trade of stolen user credentials.
  • Refrain from Denial of Service, Spamming and Social Engineering (including phishing).
  • Any physical attempts against tiKoTV's property or data centers are not allowed.

In-Scope Domains and Properties

At the moment, only the following properties are included in the scope.
  • www.tikotv.it

Out-of-Scope Domains

Anything not listed in the Scope should not be tested. This includes third party sites that are the result of a redirection from our websites.

Bug Bounty

Qualifying bugs will be rewarded based on the following tab. All other vulnerabilities will be rewarded with points.


Know Issues

The following issues are already known to our Security Team, please don't submit reports related to them.

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